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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who loads user and course information into Blackboard?

Information about students, faculty/staff, and courses is loaded into Blackboard from Banner automatically twice a day. The snapshot program automatically runs at 5:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. each day.

How are courses created in Blackboard?

ALL courses listed for a semester in Banner as valid courses are sent to Blackboard so all will automatically have a space in Blackboard. Fall and Summer courses are created on April 1 and spring courses are created on November 1. If a course is cancelled it disappears from Blackboard the next time the snapshot program runs. If you can’t see a course in Blackboard, check to see if you can see the course in Banner. Blackboard should match what you see in Banner. If you are not assigned to a course in Banner you will not be able to see it in Blackboard.

How are students enrolled in and faculty assigned to courses in Blackboard?

Once entered into Banner student enrollment and faculty assignment to courses the snapshot program will put them in Blackboard the next time it runs (5:45 a.m. or 2:45 p.m.) They will disappear from Blackboard when they are dropped(students) or unassigned(faculty) from the course in Banner. Students who are accidently dropped will be hidden in Blackboard but if added back into Banner by registration they will reappear in Blackboard WITH all their work and grades.

How are students and faculty/staff added to Blackboard?

User Files are sent for all valid students and employees. A student is valid as soon as he/she registers for a course. Students remain valid until 270 days after their last class ends. An employee is valid as soon as he/she is marked as an active employee in Banner. Employees generally stay valid for 270 days after their last pay check.

How long does a course stay on Blackboard?

Courses, student enrollment and faculty assignment for a semester will be removed on the following schedule:

  • Fall information is removed on October 15 of the year AFTER the course was offered.
  • Spring information is removed on March 15 of the year AFTER the course was offered.
  • Summer information is removed on July 15 of the year AFTER the course was offered.

Though the TLC does keep archives of each course it is suggested that faculty members archive their courses at the end of the semester and save that archive file on their H: drive or some other safe place.

How can I begin preparing a space in Blackboard for a section before I have been assigned that section?

Any faculty member can request a personal master space for any course they may teach. Content may be developed in this space and then moved to the particular section once that is available. Contact Cynthia Delcourt in the Teaching Learning Center ( to have a personal master created.