Blackboard for Students

NOTE: Blackboard is not just for Online or Hybrid courses.  At Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) a traditional course means face-to-face instruction (meaning on campus, in a classroom).  Many traditional course instructors may require that you complete some work (including assignments, tests, discussions, etc.) in Blackboard (BTC’s learning management system).

Am I ready for online learning?

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Where do I start?

A Welcome Packet will be sent to all new online students after you have registered for your course, prior to the start of the semester. This includes a letter providing detailed instructions for logging into your course and more!

If you are available for a face-to-face online student orientation, please see the schedule link below for a list of offerings.

What: Online Student Orientation Sessions
Where: BTC - Central Campus (Janesville and Monroe)
When:  Schedule 
Who: Anyone registered for an online/hybrid course for the first time, or anyone who would like a brief Intro to Blackboard 

What is an online course?
An online course is one delivered through the Internet and web-based software. Students interact with the instructor and other students via Blackboard and BTC email. Though most online courses are 100% web-based, some online courses may require proctored testing. Please check your instructor’s syllabus.

What is a hybrid course?
A hybrid course will be a blend of face-to-face time on campus with your instructor and online activities, assignments, assessments and resources in Blackboard. Please check your schedule for the face-to-face dates so you won’t miss class.

Do classes have specific start and end dates?
All BTC courses have start and end dates. They are listed on the course registration / information page. Some classes are open in that they may not follow a traditional semester and may allow for more completion time. If you are unsure of the start and end dates, ask your instructor.

What time are online classes held?
You can access your class and participate via the Internet, any time, day or night, as long as you have an Internet connection. Students usually need to login 3-5 times each week, unless otherwise noted by your instructor in the course syllabus. You can expect to spend 10-15 hours each week per course, more for summer courses.

How do I "attend" an online course?
Attendance in an Internet course is not based on "seat time" as it is in regular classroom-based courses. You will be involved in a variety of learning activities both on and off the Internet. You should plan to log in to your class in Blackboard 3-5 times per week.

Is there a standard format to use for writing papers and assignments?
Just as in on-campus classes, the instructor will determine the format based on the learning activities required in the course. Assignments will require that you use a word processor and attach the document within Blackboard or to an email. See the syllabus to know how your instructor collects work. ALL ONLINE COURSES AT BTC REQUIRE THE USE OF A COMPUTER FOR THE COMPLETION OF COURSEWORK.

How do I interact with my instructor and classmates?

Online students are able to interact with their instructor and classmates in several ways:

  • By using Blackboard to send emails: Students and instructors are expected to use their BTC email address.
  • Using online discussion threads: Track topical discussions or respond to questions posed by your instructor.
  • By Blackboard’s internal messaging system: If your instructor directs you to use the “Messages” feature this also allows communication with your instructor and classmates.

Do online courses have tests?
Most courses have tests. Most exams are taken online; but your course syllabus will inform you if you need to take the exam at a proctored site. Most online courses evaluate you on the quality of your assignments, projects and quizzes / tests. The quizzes / tests are graded automatically. The evaluation process for the course will be noted in the course syllabus.

How will I get my textbooks and other resources?
A column in the Course Search screen will list the textbook information for your course. Your instructor will also post textbook information in your course syllabus, which you can access on the course start date. You can also contact the BTC Bookstore on campus at (608) 757-7672. Be sure to have the course number for the class when you call.

How do I get to Blackboard?
Click on the MyBTC portal link from the Online Services menu on the main Blackhawk homepage.  Log in with BTC credentials.  Once you've logged in, click the Blackboard image.  Or log into Blackboard with a direct URL,  Use the same BTC credentials.  If you are new to Blackhawk, complete the next step to access the portal and Blackboard.

First time logging in to the MyBTC portal? Click on the MyBTC portal link from the Online Services menu on the main Blackhawk homepage. Click the "First Time Users" link below the username and password boxes.  Follow the queues. (contact the BTC Helpdesk if you have trouble logging in. 608-757-7711)

How will I find my course in Blackboard?
Once you login to Blackboard you will see the My Courses tab. Your class will be listed in the My Courses box on the right side. It may not be visible until the day the class begins. The teacher is preparing the materials. Contact your instructor if the course is not available by noon the day it begins.