Course Audit

Students may register to attend a class without receiving academic credit or a grade. This is called auditing a course; a student pays for the course, attends all the scheduled sessions, completes all the coursework required, but does not receive a grade.  This is most often done when a student wants to gain an understanding of the content covered, but does not need the course for program reasons.

Students may audit a course with the written consent of the appropriate Department Dean. The decision to audit a course must be made at the time of registration.  A student or instructor can not request that a registration status be changed to or from audit after the registration is completed.

Students who wish to audit a course may register after all other credit students have registered or up to one week prior or during the first week of the semester.

Students with disabilities are expected to have a special adaptation plan in place which may waive some of the course requirements. If you elect to audit, you will pay all of the regular tuition and fees. However, no credit will be granted for the course. Your transcript will show an “AU” as a grade. Tuition will be waived for senior citizens who are 60 years old and older. However, all other fees will be charged.

For Financial Aid purposes, an audit is not a valid grade.