Adding a Class

Significant academic work begins with the first class session, and therefore we support student success by limiting late entry into classes. Students can not add courses to their schedule once a course has started.

If, after registering for courses you choose to add courses, you can do so up until the start of the semester for 1st 8-week and full semester courses and up until the course begins for 2nd 8-week courses. Exceptions to these deadlines require the appropriate Division Dean’s written signature to register. You can add courses through the MyBTC portal (until the semester starts) or by completing a Course Change form and submitting it to Express Services or Registration. If you add a course, all additional tuition and fees must be paid at that time or a payment plan must be established.

Should you chose, after the first week of the course, to switch sections of the same course, of either full-semester or 8-week courses, you would need written approval from the appropriate Division Dean. In most instances you would not incur additional fee charges for changing sections of the same course.

If you are receiving financial aid, be aware that adding a course may affect your financial aid. If an agency or program is helping support your educational expenses, you may be required to have your schedule change approved by the agency or program staff

Students are encouraged to register on time.  Please refer to the complete course listing when choosing your courses and the Student Services calendar to review drop and add deadlines for each semester.