Catalog of Record

When students enroll for academic credit at Blackhawk Technical College, their graduation requirements are governed by the catalog in effect at the time of their initial enrollment in their chosen program. The only exception is if a student is not enrolled for more than two consecutive semesters (excluding summer) then the student’s coursework will be governed by the catalog in effect when he or she re-enrolls.

Governing Catalog

All of BTC’s degree and certificate programs are described in full in the college catalog.  Read it carefully to learn the requirements and characteristics of each program. The most accurate, official and up-to-date version of your governing catalog can always be found here.

The college catalog that is in effect when you first enroll at BTC will be your governing catalog.  If you have not maintained  enrollment  for  two  consecutive  semesters  or more, your graduation  requirements will be based on the requirements in the current catalog and a new academic plan will be created with your advisor. It is your responsibility to track catalog changes.  Also be aware, that should you change your major at any time you may change your governing catalog.


2016-2017 Academic Catalog

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2008-09 Addendum

2008-09 Academic Catalog

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