Dropping a Class

You can drop a class or all of your classes before the class(es) start and are entitled to a 100% refund. You can drop a class(es) before end of the Drop/Add period and are entitled to are refund (percentage based on time of drop) of the refundable fees. Your Blackhawk Technical College account will be credited, and after all fees have been paid, a check will be issued. Refer to the college catalog for further information regarding the add/drop refunds.

You can drop and add a class (at the same time)with no financial penalty before or up to the time that 10% of the course's hours have been completed.

You can drop a course in few different ways for your convenience:

  • Via MyBTC portal - This must be done prior to the semester start date.
  • In-person at Registration & Records by completing the Add/Drop Form.


If you are withdrawing or dropping from all courses, you need to fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form (available in Student Services). Completed forms need to be submitted to the Counseling Office and you will schedule an appointment with a counselor prior to the withdrawal/drop being finalized.
If you are receiving financial aid, be aware that dropping a course may affect your financial aid. If an agency or program is helping support your educational expenses, you may be required to have your schedule change approved by the agency or program staff.