Students planning to graduate can apply quickly by logging into the MyBTC portal, then navigating to the Registration and Courses page.  There is a $12 Graduation Fee that must be paid prior to your diploma being mailed.  If you are receiving financial aid, this fee may be covered--please check with the Financial Aid Dept.  Completing your graduation application is simple--follow these easy steps.

Please Note:

  • Students must complete a graduation application using the MyBTC portal.  See the directions above regarding how to submit your application.
  • To request a duplicate diploma—click here.
  • If you are not prepared to graduate after submitting your completed graduation application you will need to complete a new one when you are prepared at a later date.

Do this to verify for yourself that you have completed all the necessary courses required for your program. Your academic plan or the BTC Catalog of Record you received at the time you were admitted to the College will help you with this review.

Unfortunately, there are times when students plan to graduate, but as circumstances have it their graduation needs to be delayed. If this occurs, students need to complete a new and updated Graduation Application when they feel they are again ready to graduate. This is the only method for students to notify the college that they are prepared.

If you find that you need a replacement diploma, there is an $8.00 charge. You may complete the graduation application and submit your payment to Express Services (Central Campus) or Registration (Monroe Campus).

Official Graduation 

In order to officially graduate, (whether participating in the graduation ceremony or not) you must:

  • complete all necessary coursework;
  • have a program GPA of 2.0 or higher
  • completed at least 25% of all program required courses at BTC and;
  • apply for graduation and pay a nominal graduation fee.

Applications should be submitted by the deadline listed in this handbook for each semester. If you do not meet the deadline you will not be able to participate in the formal ceremony and receipt of your diploma will be delayed.

If you previously submitted a Graduation Application but did not graduate, you must submit an updated application to be considered for future graduation. No additional fee is required. If you are completing an additional program, you will need to complete another Graduation Application and pay the nominal fee.

Formal Graduation Ceremony

A moment of pride for any student is graduation day. Graduation is recognition that you have accomplished something of importance that will have meaning for years to come. The graduation exercises held in May. Students who meet all program requirements may be invited to participate.

Requirements include:

  • Are within six (6) credits of completing a program (certificate, diploma or degree programs) which has twelve or more credits, and must complete the course(s) by the end of the summer semester.
  • Apply for graduation within the application deadline & clearly mark "yes" or "no" regarding participation in the Commencement.

You are required to wear caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony. If you have applied to graduate and have acknowledged your desire to participate in the ceremony you will receive information regarding the purchase of your cap and gown in early spring.

If you or your guests require a special accommodation, you should contact the Vice President of Student Services at least two (2) weeks before the graduation ceremony.