Registration Dates & Deadlines

Spring Semester begins January 22, 2018

At Blackhawk Technical College, we provide continuing students with priority registration opportunities so that they can stay on track for graduation. During scheduled dates, continuing students, can register before other students. It is important that students take advantage of these dates for once they pass, registration opens up for all students and course availability could become limited.

Spring 2018 Registration Schedule

Registration Schedule

Important Registration Definitions


The act of choosing courses and signing up to take the course. You do not register for a program, you must go through the application process to be admitted into a program. When you register for a class you are reserving your spot in that course and agreeing to pay all of the course fees. You register by either going to MyBTC portal or by coming to the Central or Monroe Campuses.


It is your responsibility to attend your courses on a regular bases. Failure to attend regularly will impact your ability to be successful in your courses. As a part of Blackhawk Technical College's commitment to student success, we do have a non-attendance policy. If you fail to attend any portion of a course's scheduled sessions through the first, two-weeks of full-semester courses (first week for accelerated and 8-week courses) your instructor will initiate your being withdrawn from the course for non-attendance. There will be no refund granted to your account without your direct request that this be evaluated. If you are withdrawn for non-attendance you will not be allowed to attend the course without first re-registering and taking care of all appropriate fees. Being withdrawn for non-attendance may also impact your financial aid.

Non-Payment, Administrative Drops: (Please refer to Payment Dates & Deadlines)

If you owe the College money for tuition that has accrued for the current semester the College has the option to withdraw you from all registered credit classes. This drop process will occur immediately following the due date for the 2nd payment for the College Payment Plans and also 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester. It is your responsibility to review your schedule to determine if you have been withdrawn and need to re-register for courses. This will occur for all students regardless of how you registered or whether or not you were on a payment plan.

Student Initiated Drop:

You can drop a class or all of your classes before the end of the Drop/Add periods. Your BTC account will be credited, and after all fees have been paid, a check or credit card used will be issued a refund if appropriate. Refer to the college BTC Program Catalog for further information.

Student Initiated Withdrawal:

You may withdraw from a class or all of your classes before the withdrawal deadline. If you withdrawing (or dropping) from all of your course you need to fill-in the Complete Withdrawal Form (see attachment and make a link) and meet with a counselor/advisor before you can be withdrawn. However, you are not eligible for a refund and you will receive a grade of "W" on your transcript. If you owe the college any money, you will still have to pay that balance. Refer to the college BTC Program Catalog for further information.