Registration Schedule

Priority Registration Dates for Spring 2015 Semester

Continuing Students will register based on the total number of credits earned and by your priority program (as of 10/16/14). To determine what your priority program is, please log into Banner Web from the MyBTC Portal.

The following chart shows the Registration schedule (The dates listed establish the 1st day that each group can begin to register.)




Starting at 8:00 a.m.       Documented Military Veterans (IN PERSON ONLY)

4/28/15                        Pending Graduate Students (must be admitted to a program)

Starting at 8:00 a.m.           2- Year Program Students          1 Year Program Students
                                        (Declared / 45+ credits )              (Declared / 15+ credits)


  4/29/15                      Continuing Declared Students



5/1/15                        New, Admitted to a Program Students



5/6/15                        Continuing Undeclared Students


5/7/15                       Nursing Assistant
                                (Banner Web Registration Only Starting at 8:00a.m.)


5/11/15                      Open Registration (Including Youth Options)


6/8/15                       Course Options for Summer


  8/17/15                     Course Options for Fall