Tuition & Fees

WI Resident Tuition fee is $132.20 per credit. All students are charged an Activity Fee of $9.12/credit, Material Fee (varies), and a Transportation Fee of $20/per semester (other fees may also apply). A $10.00/credit (minimum of $10.00) on-line course fee will be assessed as appropriate. To help you start planning for the cost of your education please see the BTC Current Tuition Cost Sheet.

BTC will work with agencies that intend to pay your expenses. The sponsoring agency must submit a written agreement to Express Services indicating which expenses will be paid.

After enrolling, BTC will bill the sponsoring agency for your approved expenses. For additional information regarding agency sponsored students, please contact Express Services or call (608) 757-7661 .

If you live in northern Illinois (Rock Valley College or Highland Community College District) you may qualify for a reciprocal agreement which would grant you in-state tuition rates. If you do not live within this District, out-of state tuition rates may apply.