Out of State Tuition

All students residing outside of Wisconsin are required to pay an out-of-state tuition fee in addition to the fees (unless a student is accepted into a Highland Community College or Rock Valley College reciprocity program). Students who feel they are unable to pay the out-of-state rate can complete a Non-Resident Tuition Waiver. Once complete this form will be reviewed and a determination made regarding qualification.

This fee applies to credit and non-credit classes. The total per credit tuition charges assessed to out-of-state students is *$198.30, except for Internet classes which are charged at *$10.00 per credit in addition to the regular course fees. This amount does not include activity or material fees.

If you live in Minnesota, you will be exempt from any out-of-state fees because the State of Wisconsin has a reciprocal admissions agreement with the State of Minnesota. Internet class fees are also an exception. Out-of-state fees for Internet classes are $10 per credit in addition to the regular course fees.

***NOTE: No activity fee is charged for distance learning classes. Please call 608.757.7660 for more information about out-of-state fees.