Payment Plans, Payment Dates & Deadlines

It's Easy, It's Quick and It's Free!

  • BTC took another step forward in its efforts to "Go Green".
  • BTC offers a product called TouchNet. This online system allows enhanced services to students--24/7! Services include:
  • online payment plans,
  • payment of fees online using direct withdrawals from student specified savings, checking or credit card accounts,
  • receiving up to the minute account information,
  • receiving bills and payment reminders electronically through student email accounts (personal email accounts can also be added).

Q: Do you want someone else to be able to view your account and help you pay?

A: You can set-up access for family and friends to access this system--the control belongs to you!

Q: Want your tuition refunds faster?

A: Of course you do! By setting up an account using the TouchNet system you can have your tuition refunds sent directly to any savings or checking account you want.

It is important that you refer to your plan for specific payment deadlines by going to the Student Services Section of "Resources and Services" page and clicking on "Payment Plan Information" link  via the MyBTC portal

Q: Why register early?

A: The earlier you register, the more time you get to pay your tuition. You can make paying for your education easier!

(Remember, you must make all of your payments on time or you may be withdrawn from your Precollege level credit courses. If you fail to make these payments on-time and you are dropped from your courses you will not be able to set-up a new payment plan for that same semester.)

Starting with the Fall 2009 Semester we offered an electronic payment plan through TouchNet. Since the cost of higher education has increased in recent years, the TPP program will allow students to pay for tuition over a period of time rather than one lump sum.

How to Enroll in TouchNet

Payments on your account can be made online: TouchNet Payment System login

Q: Want to save money?

A: Set up your TouchNet account to automatically deduct the monthly payments from the account information provided during enrollment. If you choose to have your payments automatically deducted from a savings or checking account or credit card you will not be charged the $20 Service Charge. Otherwise a one time (per term) non-refundable enrollment fee of $20 will be added to your tuition total.

Tuition Payment Plan Payments

TPP charges will be processed on the dates listed below. You can make payments on your own or you can set-up your account to have the payments automatically withdrawn from a savings or checking account. The payments will be deducted from the account automatically. If the payment is returned as a result of non-sufficient funds, a $25 fee will be charged for each missed payment and all fees will be due payable directly to Blackhawk.

Add/Drop Classes

Once enrolled in the tuition payment plan program, adjustments will be made in the event courses are dropped or added. The adjustments will either increase or decrease the TPP balance and monthly payments. These adjustments will be made automatically (viewable within 24 hours). Therefore, no action is required by the student.

Financial Aid Students

If you signed up for an electronic payment plan and your Financial Aid is awarded after your Tuition Payment Plan has been established, please be aware that no adjustments or changes will be made to the payment plan unless you personally make them. If your tuition and fees have been paid in full, when Financial Aid funds are disbursed you will be issued a refund by electronic transfer or check.

If you have not signed up for a payment plan or applied for financial aid when payments are due, you are responsible for making payment to Blackhawk Technical College of any charges on your student account. Failure to make payments to BTC could lead to being dropped from your ALL your credit classes.

For more details see the Financial Aid section of this website.

Agency Sponsored (3rd Party) Students

If you enroll in the Tuition Payment Plan before receiving an agency's authorization, please be aware that the amount authorized by the agency may not cover the whole tuition balance. Students will be responsible for paying any monies owed to BTC (pay in person or through TouchNet).

If you have any questions concerning the Tuition Payment Plan, please contact the Theresa Eiden at 608-743-4535.

Spring TouchNet Payment Plan Options

These plans make it easier for you to afford your education! 

The payment plan is a binding agreement. Your payment will be processed automatically and cannot be cancelled. Payments are applied on the dates listed below in accordance with the plan you select. Your payment plan balance will be adjusted for changes in your student account (i.e. add or drop classes). Please note that you may be dropped from your credit courses if insufficient funds are available to process your payment on the payment due date.