Tuition Refunds

Refunds are processed according to the Wisconsin Technical College System Refund Policy for program, material and activity fees. Refunds are applicable only when the student formally notifies the Registration Office of their intent to drop a course(s) or completely withdraw from all courses.

Students who decide to withdraw from a course should do so immediately as a single day can make a difference in the amount of refund. Requests for refunds must be received during the term of enrollment. Students registering for a course after the start date are subject to the refund guidelines as stated. In the event of extenuating circumstances, students should meet with the Registrar and be prepared to provide documentation/evidence supporting the request.

Students who are reported by instructors as "no shows" or students who cease to attend classes without officially withdrawing will not receive a refund. However, these students are responsible for payment of their assessed tuition and fees for the term.

A student who drops one course and adds another during the first week of the term shall receive 100% credit for tuition and fees paid, provided this amount is applied toward the course added. If the fees for the course dropped exceed fees for the course added, refunds will be made according to the guidelines listed below. All relevant information is published in the BTC Student Handbook.

For all courses the refund is:

  • 100% before the first day the class meets. The day the class meets and not the time of day defines the first class meeting.
  • 80% if less than 11% of the course's total potential hours of instruction have been completed.
  • 60% if 11-20% of the courses total potential hours of instruction have been completed.
  • Zero after more than 20% of the courses total potential hours of instruction have been completed.
  • If the college cancels a course, the refund is 100%.

Appeal Procedure for Refunds.

All student refunds are made in compliance with the Wisconsin Technical College System refund policy. Students who dispute refund decisions may appeal in writing by submitting an Exception to the Refund form with documentation. Completed forms can be submitted to Registration.