Shared Programs

To offer students opportunity for more program choices at Blackhawk Technical College, BTC develops agreements with other Wisconsin technical colleges to share courses in their programs. BTC students may complete the following programs offered by other Wisconsin technical colleges:

Lakeshore Technical College - Nuclear Technology

Lakeshore Technical College - Nuclear Radiation Safety/Health Physics

If I am interested in a shared program, which school should I submit my application?

Students MUST complete the application process with the school granting the degree. Students are encouraged to contact the school for specific information regarding the application process.

Can I complete some courses at BTC?

Yes, many of the general education courses required in shared programs can be completed at BTC. Students who plan to enroll in some or all of the general education courses at BTC are required to submit copies of ALL application materials to include application, transcripts and pre-admission test scores AND a copy of your acceptance letter from the degree granting school to ensure appropriate enrollment in BTC courses. 

The core program courses may be completed in various ways depending on the program (face-to-face at the shared school, online, compressed video, or independent study). Please note that there may be a wait for the core program courses depending on the level of interest.

How do I know which courses I can complete at BTC?

Students should consult with an advisor or counselor at the degree granting school to determine which BTC courses will fulfill program requirements (see page two for contact information). Students who have completed courses outside of BTC will need to have these credits reviewed by the degree granting school (BTC will not make a determination of how courses will transfer to the shared school).

Can I receive financial aid while completing courses at BTC?

Yes! Students hoping to receive financial aid MUST complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with the college granting the degree, even if they intend to complete some or all of the general education courses at BTC; financial aid cannot be granted by BTC for students pursuing a shared program.

Special Note: Students will be required to follow the financial aid guidelines of the school granting the aid; some schools may require enrollment or program acceptance at the degree granting school in order to receive financial aid.

If I have questions regarding a shared program, who should I contact?

Students are encouraged to contact the degree granting school to receive up-to-date program information.