Financial Aid


Drug-Related Violations

  • At enrollment, notify students they might lose financial aid eligibility
  • How they might be able to reinstate eligibility for financial aid

Entrance Counseling

  • Signed borrower acknowledgement for receipt of entrance counseling materials
  • Explanation of how interest accrues and is capitalized
  • Option to pay accruing interest on unsubsidized loans
  • Definition of half-time enrollment and consequences of not maintaining it
  • Intent to withdraw
  • Statement about repayment of loan in full even if the student doesn’t complete the program
  • Consequences of defaulting on Title IV loans

NSLDS and How Students may Access Records

Exit Counseling

  • Different features of loan repayment options
  • ED publication that describes federal programs to assist students experiencing financial hardship
  • Likely consequences of defaulting on loans
  • Loan consolidation
  • Tax benefits

Net Price Calculator