Student Engagement

Lead . Encourage . Connect

Involvement in student programs outside of the classroom enhances the student educational experience while attending Blackhawk Technical College.  BTC is proud to offer many opportunities for our students to become engaged in our college community through a variety of student leadership & engagement opportunities.  Some of these opportunities are:

  • Student Organizations
  • Student Government Association
  • Student Network of Activities and Programming (SNAP)
  • Student Ambassador
  • Certificate of Professional Development

Why get involved???

  • Gain real life experience in problem solving, team building, and communication…all things that employers look for when selecting applicants!!!
  • Great way to meet new people and potential career references.
  • An excellent opportunity to build leadership
  • Engage in experiences that can enhance your resume.
  • Learn more about specific interests by attending conferences and other events.
  • Have Fun!!

For more information about Student Engagement programs, please visit the Student Success Center at Central Campus or email Alicia Acker at