Need a Tutor?

Reasons to seek tutoring:

  • Enrich your understanding of the course material
  • Help you apply better study methods
  • Help you manage your time more effectively
  • Assist you in focusing in on what is important
  • Tutoring helps you earn better grades

Tutors can:

  • Review assignments and expectations of the instructor
  • Help you take clear notes and review study guides effectively
  • Clarify information presented by the instructor
  • Help you understand the textbook and utilize the information it contains
  • Provide you with additional examples and practice problems to reinforce concepts

Tutors cannot:

  • Teach you material that you have not read or heard in class
  • Write papers for you
  • Do your homework

Tutoring sessions are not a substitute for class effort or attendance. You must be enrolled and attending class regularly to continue receiving tutoring services.

What should I do to prepare for a tutoring session?

  • Be on time for your scheduled appointment
  • Bring materials such as notes, syllabus, assignments, rubrics, etc.
  • Write down specific questions you have about the subject or assignment
  • Do not expect your tutor to do your work. Tutors are not permitted to contact your instructors, edit writing assignments, do your homework, or assist with take-home exams

Contact your tutor directly or call Tutoring Services at (608) 757-6321 if you need to cancel and/or re-schedule your appointment (at least 2 hours in advance if possible).

Missing 2 or more tutoring sessions without prior communication may result in cancelled services for the semester.

Registering for Tutoring Services

Students who want to receive tutoring services must complete a short registration form. The form can be completed and delivered in person (Student Success Center, Room 2200, Central Campus) by email or fax (608) 757-7752. Once your form is received we will contact you to set up an appointment for more information and to assign a tutor. Remember that most of the tutors are students too, so be flexible and reasonable regarding the hours you have available to meet with them.