Our Philosophy

The faculty, staff, and administration at Blackhawk Technical College believe that access to quality education and relevant hands-on experience are the first steps to professional and personal success in any endeavor. As a result, the development and maintenance of instructional offerings and related services focus upon maximizing the accessibility of these offerings to all students.

While the institution realizes that the acquisition of occupational skills is a critical factor in determining success, it also recognizes that today’s working environment demands social, scientific, and interpersonal skills which help the student to function in many other dimensions: personal, social, and cultural. Therefore, BTC recognizes the valuable contribution to personal and professional success made through its General Education course offerings.

Finally, Blackhawk Technical College recognizes that no education or experience takes place in a vacuum; rather, quality living demands that the educational process recognize the value of the individual and the unique contribution that each person makes to society today. As a result, your college seeks to maintain a high level of flexibility in its response to the individual training needs of every person enrolling in its programs.
BTC’s commitment to educational excellence is reflected in the adoption of a Guaranteed Retraining Policy. The education and training offered at BTC is designed to enable students to acquire job entry occupational skills needed for full participation in the work force. BTC stands behind the training provided and will guarantee to provide at least six (6) additional credits of retraining, at no cost to the student, under certain conditions.