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An Experiment in Reinventing Himself 

Jon Ischi wanted a change. He had tired of the daily routine of working an automotive assembly line. In addition, the impact of the economic downturn on the auto industry was a catalyst for Jon to seek out a new career. 

“I wanted to update myself and make myself more marketable. I felt that going to a technical school would be the quickest and best way to get myself more marketable in a short period of time.” 

Jon discovered that employment opportunities locally and statewide are expected to increase for laboratory technician assistants annually through the year 2014. He chose the Lab Tech Assistant program at Blackhawk Technical College. 

Jon was a little concerned about how he would handle going to school again, having been away for awhile, but he quickly embraced the hands-on style at Blackhawk. From the first day, he appreciated working with the same lab equipment and materials that he would be using in his career after graduation. 

Jon says, “It’s very hands-on. Very detail oriented. You get right into the specifics of the field you are going for, so you very quickly gain the skills… I would recommend Blackhawk Technical College.” 

The experiment is a success. Jon is now Quality Assurance Manager at Alpine Slicing & Cheese Conversion in Monroe, where he reports his days pass quickly. “I’m very happy. I enjoy my work very much… It was a good choice for me.”