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Sparking a Desire to Learn 

Kelly Hill had been putting in long hours in the field of electronics for a number of years, but the goals of a more satisfying job and a better life for his family seemed just out of reach.  

He sensed he could accomplish more, but lacked the skills and education he needed to energize his career. That’s why he enrolled in the Automated Systems program at Blackhawk Technical College. 

Kelly praises the support he received from Blackhawk instructors. “They were flexible in the class scheduling so, no matter what circumstance I had concerning my job, that I would be able to attend school.” Kelly continues, “Instructor, Ed Kaufenberg, was a huge part of me not giving up. He always stuck with us and gave us a fair chance to learn. 

Today, Kelly says, “I am much more confident and happy with my job, because I’m actually doing what I always wanted to do for years.” 

Kelly’s advice to other prospective students: “If you persevere at something, and you have a goal set, and you don’t let anything get in the way, you can get it done. You can achieve whatever it is you’re after.” 

“There’s no doubt that things have improved for me in my life in general because of [attending Blackhawk Tech]. Actually,” Kelly smiles, “I still have a desire to go back to school for my bachelor’s degree, to be honest with you.”