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Patrolling for a Profession, Instead of Just a Job 

After thirteen years, Todd Radloff had enough of the monotony of working on an automotive assembly line. “The job was just that, it was more of a job,” says Todd. He desired something more challenging and more rewarding. 

That’s when Todd approached Blackhawk Technical College. “My advice to somebody who is thinking about going to Blackhawk is just to go out there and talk to the counselors. They really help people make career transitions. Once you get started out there, it’s a great experience.” 

Todd was drawn to the Criminal Justice program. He discovered that Blackhawk allowed him the flexibility to continue working ten hours a day, raise a family, take care of his home, and still get the education he desired.

After graduation, Todd joined the Janesville Police Department. “Now that I’m with the police department, you never know what you get from day to day. It’s always something new.” 

“I feel like I have more of a career, more of a profession, rather than just a job,” continues Todd, “I feel satisfied that I’m able to serve the community in which I’ve lived my whole life.” And Janesville is proud to have him on the case.