Prent/GOEX Partners with Blackhawk for Their Workforce and Training Needs

May 30, 2019

The Workforce and Community Development (WCD) Division at Blackhawk Technical College provides workforce solutions and training to support the needs of business and industry in the region. These training partnerships are vital to the local workforce, providing essential technical and leadership skills for employees at all levels of an organization. Recently, Prent/GOEX experienced this firsthand when their employees completed the Blackhawk Technical College Leadership Development series.

employees in professional development training

Prent/GOEX employees from the frontline to executive level went through courses that included, Becoming a Professional Supervisor, Real Colors, Dealing with Difficult People and Managing Conflict, and Creating a Supportive Work Environment. The purpose of the training was to build stronger leaders, teams and improve overall workplace culture.

According to Prent/GOEX Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Services Mitch Benson, “BTC provides the excellent training and the necessary skills needed for key positions in our machining and manufacturing facility at Prent Corporation. They [BTC] offers flexible courses to accommodate our employees’ busy schedules.”

Additionally, Prent/GOEX partners with BTC on a number of workforce initiatives. “They sit on our CNC and IT Advisory Boards and provide exceptional guidance regarding curriculum; they hire our students and graduates; and they are a wonderful partner and sponsor of our Annual Manufacturing Day activities for high school students,” said Colleen Koerth, Manager of Workforce Development.

Benson credits WCD for their ability to understand that technical training is always evolving. WCD continually adjusts coursework and programs based on the needs and evolution of the industry.

employees in professional development training

Benson encourages other companies to check out the offerings of WCD at BTC. “Go see the various BTC campuses in this area to get a better understand of what they offer to our community and to your business and industry workforce. There are great staff members who care about providing an excellent career path for their students.”

Learn more about how Workforce and Community Development can meet the workforce needs of your organization. Visit or contact WCD at (608) 757-7701 or

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