From Melting Pot to Melting Pot: Future Nurse Brings Unique Culture to all Classes

May 28, 2021

Cynthia Ford came to this country for a better way of life. Originally from Belize, Central America, she moved here in 1998. This transition turned out to be a move from one melting pot to another. “In Belize, there are many cultures, Moran Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Kekchi Maya, and Mestizos,” Cynthia explained. “Both my biological parents were Creole which is an African descent, so I am considered Belizean Creole. My adopted mom was a mixture of Hispanic and Maya, so she was considered Mestizo.” This mix of cultures and languages brought her to the States with fluency in Spanish-Creole and English.

Cynthia, a black woman wearing a red short-sleeved top stands in front of a waterfall

Growing up, her adopted mom was a midwife. “Through the years, I watched her help a lot of people,” Cynthia recalled. “From bringing babies into the world to mixing tonics for women who were unable to have children and, with her help, who then became pregnant.”

These experiences led Cynthia to discover the BTC Nursing Program as a way of carrying on her mother’s legacy. “For me, it has always been about giving back, helping others. I started taking care of the elderly back in Belize and found out that I had a natural calling.”

Care that she has been doing here in the States now for a number of years. Desiring to increase her skills and move her career forward, Cynthia enrolled in the Blackhawk pre-nursing program despite living in Kenosha. The reputation and flexibility of the program pushed her to enroll further from home than she might have had to. 

“What I like most about BTC is the various student resources that are available on and off-campus,” Cynthia said. “I appreciate the opportunity for hands-on learning as well as the option of virtual learning. BTC has helped me to pursue my goals in the sense that the curriculum offers real-life examples of what to expect in the field that I am currently enrolled in.”

Cynthia is the kind of student for whom virtual learning is perfect.

“Cynthia was always the first person in the zoom room and committed to being fully engaged in the class,” said her speech instructor Becky Hansen. “She turned a class that so many fear into a welcoming place. She noticed when in-person and virtual students were missing, reached out to them, and encouraged participation from everyone. She was a prime example of how effective virtual learning can be for the right student.”

Once Cynthia finishes her studies, she’s eager to continue working locally with private clients and doing volunteer work in developing countries worldwide.

When not working on her studies, Cynthia enjoys spending time with her two sons, her fiancé, and cat Kyte. She also enjoys sharing her Belize heritage through cooking.

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