Steve Jones Named Beloit Rotary Educator of the Month

June 21, 2021

Steve Jones has been a valued faculty member of the BTC Manufacturing, Apprenticeship, Technology, and Transportation (MATT) Division for five years. He has worked tirelessly to make the complex field of Diesel mechanics and service accessible and meaningful to new students.

A motorcycle enthusiast since the age of 16 and a Navy Achievement Medal winner during his service with the US Marines, Steve holds students to an exacting standard. “My goal is to help students become better prepared for a career,” he said, “but also for life. In our program, students learn about technology, but they can also learn much and develop habits and life skills that will carry–on throughout their career and their lives.”

Steve embodies the qualities of BTC faculty working in the Flexible Delivery- Student Supported model. He works conscientiously in his one-on-one encounters with students and mentors students to develop a mastery of the foundational skills they will rely upon over their careers.

According to Greg Phillips, BTC MATT Dean, “Steve is a can-do personality. There are probably times that he should say ‘no,’ but he takes in information, honestly process that information, looks for feedback to ideas, and makes a sound decision based on all of the data and facts. It’s why I selected him as the program Lead Faculty, and it’s why the Diesel program will grow and continue to meet the needs of our district partners for years to come.”

Spending long hours prepping for labs and managing the large-scale, “Real World” equipment and resources of the Diesel program, Steve is committed to providing as much authenticity to the lab environment as possible.

Teaching is both an art and a science. Steve strives to utilize both approaches to bring life to the Diesel program.

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