Student Emergency Assistance Opportunities

Coins for Caring

An award made by the Coins for Caring (C4C) program will temporarily assist a student who is in immediate danger of not continuing his/her studies due to financial hardship.  The award maximum is $100 per semester per student, contingent on financial aid status.


A student presents financial dilemma to a Faculty/Staff member.

Step 2:
Faculty/Staff member determines if student’s financial need is dire and immediate.

Step 3:
A faculty/staff member will provide students with a link to the Coins for Caring application.

Step 4:
The C4C Request Form is reviewed.

Step 5:
If approved, the nominating Faculty/Staff member is notified and every effort will be made to issue the check, gift card or bus passes within 72 hours.  The award will be made available for pickup at the Welcome Center or provided to the Faculty/Staff member to give to the student.

Step 6:
Student is notified once award is available.

Dash Grant

The Dash Program provides financial grants to students for emergency expenses outside of educational cost, such as tuition, fees and books.  Students can receive only ONE AWARD per lifetime, with the maximum award value of $500.  More.    APPLY FOR DASH GRANT

State Emergency Grant

The State Emergency Grant will provide temporary emergency assistance to eligible Pell recipients who may experience unforeseen financial emergencies so that they can continue their academic pursuits.  Student may apply for this grant by completing an online application -  Please note, applicants will be required to submit supporting documentation of their financial emergency.

Editor's Note:
The 2016-17 Blackhawk Technical College Emergency Assistance Grant program cost of $10,034 is supported 100% by State of Wisconsin grant funds received from the Wisconsin Technical College System.