Veteran Programs

Military Transcripts and Credit for Prior Learning

We are excited to announce that BTC has now instituted a Credit for Prior Learning for Veterans. Any veteran joining BTC with documented (DD214) service will be granted up to 10 credits for their service of 3 years or greater if the classes are required for their respective program. Service of 1-3 years may receive up to 4 credits.

In addition, BTC offers credit for military occupations and training courses if they are recommended for credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and if Blackhawk Technical College has similar courses. The credits earned are general elective credits toward the credits required for an associate’s degree. They do not fulfill specific general education or major requirements. Students with questions about fulfilling major requirements should contact an advisor.

Students should request an official copy of their military transcript be sent to Blackhawk Technical College. Official transcripts must come directly from the military or arrive stamped and sealed.

Order transcripts below:

Air Force
Community College of the Air Force (CCA F)

Coast Guard
Marine Corps
Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Federal Department of Veteran Affairs

A variety of federal programs are available if you have served in the military. You may also be eligible for Reserve benefits if you are currently an active member of the Reserves or National Guard. Dependents of disabled or deceased veterans may be eligible for benefits also.

For more information about Veteran education benefits through the Federal Department of Veteran affairs go to or call 1-888-442-4551.

WI Department of Veteran Affairs

State programs in the form of tuition and fee reimbursement and part-time study grants may be available for Wisconsin veterans. National Guard members may be eligible for the National Guard Tuition Grant.

For more information about Wisconsin Veteran Education Benefits go to:

It is advisable to contact your CVSO (County Veterans Services Office). The Rock County VA office can be reached at 608-757-5552. The Green County VA office can be reached at 608-328-9415.

Veteran and Service Member Priority Enrollment

In compliance with Wisconsin Act AB201, Blackhawk Technical College proudly offers eligible Veterans and Service Members the opportunity to receive priority course enrollment dates. This will allow Service Members to enroll in courses ahead of non-service members. This priority applies to Service Members who have served or are currently serving on active duty under honorable conditions in the U.S. armed forces. Priority enrollment does not extend to eligible dependents. Service Members interested in a priority enrollment must submit eligible documents verifying service member status to Blackhawk Technical College’s Veterans Services in the Financial Aid Office. Once initial eligibility for priority registration at Blackhawk Technical College has been established, students will be assigned a priority enrollment appointment.  Continuing students that already have documentation on file with Blackhawk Technical College Veteran Services do not need to submit that documentation again.

New students can submit any one of the following items to document qualification:

  • DD214/DD215
  • NGB22/22A- National Guard report of separation and record of Service
  • Reserve Credit Report and "Discharge Order & Point Summary"
  • Letter from Commanding Officer on letterhead with original signature
  • Current Orders
  • Letter from County Veteran Service Officer on letterhead with original signature

Veterans and Service Member resources to document military service:

The National Guard belongs to the individual state, not to the federal government; there is not a central repository for National Guard records. To obtain a copy of your NGB Form 22/22A, contact the National Guard Adjutant General's Office for the particular state in which you performed National Guard service.

Once your service member status has been confirmed, you will automatically qualify for priority enrollment each term you are enrolled at Blackhawk Technical College.