Institutional Research

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional research and effectiveness at Blackhawk Technical College is to provide methodological support, information derived from data, and analysis in support of student success and overall institutional effectiveness.

Functions that comprise our mission:

  • To work collaboratively with faculty and administrators in identifying data needs.
  • To investigate factors related to student success using a methodological framework.
  • To present these findings to the institutional community to facilitate policy and pedagogical changes.
  • To oversee data requests from external agencies with the support of the Institutional Research and Effectiveness department.

Services we provide for BTC:

  • Responding to ad hoc research requests.
  • Identifying data needs for pilots, grants, and program reviews.
  • Designing survey instruments.
  • Providing data for research projects and grants.
  • Assessment strategies consulting.


Graduate Outcomes Survey

The primary objectives of the survey are to identify the current status of BTC program graduates and to determine the extent to which this current status is related to the graduates’ educational programs. The annual Graduate Outcomes Survey is conducted six months after graduation.

Employer Follow-Up Survey

The primary objective of the survey is for employers to rate how well BTC programs prepare graduates to meet the employers’ expectations compared to what they expect of any entry-level employee. The Employer Follow-up Survey is conducted once every four years.

Survey Information

Needs assessment surveys are conducted to determine the need and support by area businesses for new programs and changes to existing programs.

Student Achievement

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