BTC Foundation Announces New Fund for the Future of Manufacturing

October 15, 2021

The Fund for the Future of Manufacturing was established by the BTC Foundation to support manufacturing-related programs at Blackhawk Technical College. The goal of the fund is to provide a giving opportunity that plans for the future manufacturing-related scholarships and program needs - making education in these programs a reality for students in our region.

"The BTC Foundation is proud to launch this new fund to expand innovation for advanced manufacturing which will support activities from life-changing scholarship opportunities for Blackhawk students pursuing manufacturing-related programs to the enhancement and development of state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment and educational materials as well as to support career pathway exploration activities,” said Lisa Hurda, Director of Advancement and Foundation.

Greg Phillips (BTC), Lisa Hurda (BTC Foundation), and Kim Lantta (Blackhawk Bank) pictured in front of AMTC Donor Wall

This visionary manufacturing fund was created with the both the long-term vision to address the complex challenges facing southcentral Wisconsin and global manufacturing and to enhance economic development.  The Advanced Manufacturing Training Center’s goal of developing a talent pipeline of the next generation’s manufacturing workforce is critical to our region’s manufacturing success. This new fund will build collaborations between AMTC faculty, industry and government organizations, strengthen the partnership with industry employers, and collaborate to expand high-tech workforce training for the southcentral Wisconsin regions’ residents. 

The fund received its first philanthropic gift of $15,000 from Blackhawk Bank. “We are grateful for community partners like Blackhawk Bank who clearly understand the important of a technical college education,” continued Lisa. “We continue to accept philanthropic gifts to sustain the growth and operations of this new fund within the Blackhawk Technical College Foundation. The BTC Foundation will continue to partner with large manufacturing corporations, small and medium-sized regional businesses, and work with K-12 students and teacher to ensure that the future of advanced manufacturing provides opportunities across the board,” reported Lisa.

The Fund for the Future of Manufacturing is open to philanthropic gifts from individuals and organizations that support the mission of the Blackhawk Technical College Foundation, which is to develop and sustain resources to empower our students and enrich our communities.

A gift to this fund may: provide scholarship support to students in manufacturing-related programs; support the purchase of education materials and equipment for these programs; contribute to professional educational experiences or capital expenditures to meet program needs; and to support career pathway exploration opportunities for K-12 students.

For more information about scholarship opportunities or to make a financial gift to the Fund for the Future of Manufacturing, contact Lisa Hurda at the Blackhawk Technical College Foundation at (608) 757-7704 or

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About BTC Foundation Scholarships  

Each year, more than 100 students receive financial assistance through scholarships administered by the BTC Foundation. Students receiving scholarships are committed to achieving personal and professional success through education and training at Blackhawk Technical College. Every student is encouraged to apply for the Foundation’s Scholarships. Some scholarships await applicants from particular fields of study or geographic areas. Others are intended to help people overcome personal or financial hardship. Whatever the circumstances, every student is encouraged to apply for Blackhawk Technical College Foundation’s Scholarships. The scholarship application deadline for the spring semester is October 15. Apply today at

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