Commencement Held For GED/HSED Graduates

May 20, 2022


Congratulations to the 49 students who graduated Thursday with their Certificate of General Education Development (GED) or their High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED).

At a ceremony in Blackhawk’s Student Success Center, Dr. Tracy Pierner, President of Blackhawk, commended the graduates for facing their challenges and arriving at this pivotal milestone in their educational journey.

“I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments, but this is not the end. Hopefully, it’s just the beginning. You are going to build on this. I know that we are all truly a product of our past, and this sets the stage for a very successful future for you,” Dr. Pierner told the graduates.  

The GED/HSED graduates are:

  • Deanna Briggs
  • William Davis
  • Mandy Brooker
  • Leonard Brown
  • Sabrina Burnett
  • Haily Clark
  • Charles Coplien
  • Alyssa Cox
  • Pebbles Crawford
  • Chevis Crawford
  • Lameckia Davis
  • Will Davis
  • Michael Del Carmen
  • Cathy Diaz
  • John Diaz
  • Ke’Sean Billard
  • Lexie Finley
  • Adriana Flores
  • Lori Garcia
  • Davina Bivhan Pulliam
  • Ashley Grady Johnson
  • Desiree Grube
  • Unique Handley
  • Dawn Hansberry
  • Siecira Harrison
  • Nathliee Hatch
  • Michele Hernandez
  • Danielle Jordon
  • Nora Koller
  • Tanya LeGault
  • Erin Lemezis-Schadewaldt
  • Shamara Lenoir
  • Zane Mettler
  • Samuel Norez
  • Dakota Ostenson
  • Michelle Parker
  • Anthony Parker II
  • Leslie Rodriquez
  • Maura Ruiz
  • Linda Shumpert
  • Chance Stafford
  • Eric Strothman
  • Dustin Sturdevant
  • Haley Summers
  • Brittney Sutherland
  • Heather Timm
  • Shianne Williams
  • Naja Yarbrough
  • Jazmyn Zamora
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