From Art to Zest: Community Development Classes Cover the Alphabet

September 2, 2021

Blackhawk’s Workforce and Community Development team is committed to providing flexible, immediate, and relevant training opportunities to local companies and community members. Providing community and workforce classes requires BTC to recruit instructors with talent and education that goes far beyond traditional classroom learning. With courses like Acrylic Painting, Wine Tasting, and Dealing with Difficult People, community development classes allow students of all ages and abilities to use the educational resources that Blackhawk provides to the community at large. 

WCD Instructor Tina Aldrich

One such community leader is Tina Aldrich. Tina has been with Blackhawk for 24 years, sharing her passion for self-improvement with thousands of students and companies through her leadership and computer skills classes. “I work with the Business Division for credit classes that cover the Microsoft Office Applications,” she says. “My work with Workforce and Community Development brings me into corporations in Rock and Green counties to provide training on the Microsoft Office Applications as well as Supervisory and Leadership skills.” An avid goal setter, she has never let life’s trials stop her from achieving whatever she sets her mind to – and she hopes others will do the same.

“Never be discouraged by obstacles or challenges,” Tina says. “There are always options, always possibilities, to better your career or life. There’s no reason not to take advantage of these opportunities.”

WCD Instructor John Bittner

Another instructor that Blackhawk is thrilled to host is John Bittner. An adjunct instructor here for 22 years, John has added to his skills in electricity and hydraulics with a passion for painting. “After retiring, I decided to paint in acrylics. I am very active in the Wisconsin Regional Art Program and have won 17 State Awards, seven monetary awards, and sold several paintings in 8 years. I enjoy teaching an Acrylic Painting class through Blackhawk as well.” Holding both a technical degree and a Master’s in Fine Arts, John’s experience benefits students from across the educational spectrum. “My advice for technical students is to learn all you can.

The sky is the limit as to what you can achieve. The advantage of technical college is that your instructors have actual experience in the field they are teaching. Usually twenty or more years. In my case, it is forty-five years.” More than four decades in any given field teaches you all of the tricks and tips that aren’t in the textbook, and John is happy to share all of his troubleshooting experiences with his students as well as his painting skills with artists of all skill levels. 

With multiple delivery methods for many classes, students can learn in the classroom or from the comfort of their own home, which gives working adults more flexibility to expand their learning. “I think it is a perfect place to get an amazing education with a great opportunity for employment after completing a program,” says Tina. “This is a very cost-effective and flexible way to move towards your goals.” Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge of art, food, people, or industry, there’s a community development class that can help. Search non-credit classes today.

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