Welcome Cloud Hyatt, Marketing Intern at Blackhawk

June 15, 2022


Cloud Hyatt has joined Blackhawk’s Marketing & Communications Team for the summer as an intern through the Summer 2022 Rock County Internship Program, which pairs students with fields related to their interests and allows them to get real-world experience.

“I found out about the Rock Internship Program through my school,” Cloud said, who has attended Rock University High School since 2019. “I realized what a great opportunity it would be for me to learn more about myself and where I am headed in the future.”

Cloud will work closely with the Marketing Team on videography and photography projects, as well as writing content for Blackhawk's website and social media platforms.

“When I first saw my pairing, I was hesitant about whether it was a right fit for me, but once I learned more about what I would be doing and whom I was working with, I was sold,” they said.

Cloud's hope for their internship is to “learn more about digital marketing as a career and if it is genuinely something that I want to do when I graduate.”

In addition to their classes at Rock University, Cloud is enrolled in Blackhawk's Digital Marketing Program and is expected to finish the associate degree program shortly after graduating high school in 2023. 

At school, Cloud participates in many clubs, including RUHS’s Gender-Sexuality Alliance and is vice president of the Student Leadership Council at RUHS. Outside of Blackhawk, they like to watch movies, play with their two adorable cats and explore all the different genres of art. They also enjoy expressing their creativity through jewelry making, drawing and painting.

“I like to be creative in any way that I can; even if the results don't turn out like planned, I am always able to have fun,” Cloud said.

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