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DWD Secretary Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Youth Apprenticeship in Wisconsin at BTC Event

DWD Secretary Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Youth Apprenticeship in Wisconsin at BTC Event

November 17, 2021
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary-Designee Amy Pechacek joined manufacturing employers, educators, and workforce development partners at a Youth Apprenticeship Lunch & Learn event Wednesday at BTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week and the 30th anniversary of the state’s Youth Apprenticeship program.

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From Melting Pot to Melting Pot: Future Nurse Brings Unique Culture to all Classes

May 28, 2021

Cynthia Ford came to this country for a better way of life. Originally from Belize, Central America, she moved here in 1998. This transition turned out to be a move from one melting pot to another. “In Belize, there are many cultures, Moran Maya, Garifuna, Creole, Kekchi Maya, and Mestizos,” Cynthia explained. “Both my biological parents were Creole which is an African descent, so I am considered Belizean Creole. My adopted mom was a mixture of Hispanic and Maya, so she was considered Mestizo.” This mix of cultures and languages brought her to the States with fluency in Spanish-Creole and English.

Blackhawk Employee Recognition 2020-2021

May 27, 2021

Blackhawk hosted its annual employee recognition event on Wednesday, May 26. The event honors the achievements and years of service for its regular full- and part-time employees. Please join us in celebrating the great work of all of our employees during this incredibly abnormal year.

Making Art from the Rubble

Junkyard Wars 2021

May 24, 2021

Each spring, Blackhawk Technical College’s welding program hosts JunkYard Wars, an event where high school students create art from junk. Literally. Teams from area high schools compete in person at BTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in Milton. After going through safety training, teams select pieces of metal from a large junk pile. From what appears to be ruins, the teams each create a masterpiece and compete for prizes donated by local manufacturers and suppliers.

Games are Serious Business

May 21, 2021

When Ethan Dieckhoff began attending Blackhawk Technical college, his experience with virtual classes was more significant than most. As a graduate of Wisconsin Virtual Academy, a virtual K-12 school, he was used to logging in instead of driving in on a daily basis. He transitioned to virtual school in fifth grade for the reasons many students do, struggling to fit in with the social morays of public school. He also found that the curriculum at WIVA challenged him more than what he was getting in his local elementary school.

BTC Alumni Hits One Million Dollars in Sales

May 18, 2021

Shaun Budde was a long-time employee at Lear Seating in Janesville when the GM Plant closed, taking Lear with it. Finding himself without a job and an opportunity to go back to school, he took it. Picking BTC for the simple reason it was just down the road from his house, Shaun hoped to enter the x-ray tech program. When faced with having to take some prerequisites, he shifted to the Business Management Program, harboring a secret desire to open his own canoe rental business.

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