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Involvement Key for IT-Networking Specialist Student

September 20, 2019

With her eyes set on a position in an area school district, IT-Networking Specialist student Raven Schneeberger jumped into student life at Blackhawk Technical College. Raven is a member of BTC’s Student Government Association and serves as a Peer Advisor as well as a tutor. “The environment of BTC is super inviting and helpful compared to other schools I experienced in the past,” said Raven.

student, Raven Schneeberger, in IT-Networking room

She chose BTC for many reasons: it was close to home, tuition was affordable and it had the program to match her career goals. Raven is in her second year at BTC and is a recipient of scholarships through the Blackhawk Foundation. Their financial support helps make college a possibility for her.

The experience at BTC has helped her to become more involved not only on campus but also in the community. “I have built a network of people who can help me on my journey.” In addition to her life on campus, Raven also works for Youth2Youth as a communications specialist.

“Raven’s involvement on campus as a tutor, in student government, on hiring committees - all are a testament to why Raven will #gettherefaster,” said IT-Web Development Instructor Melissa Dix.  

Raven credits engaging instructors and advisors for her success. According to Raven, “The instructors and advisors are seriously the best tools in the BTC toolbox: use them. I suggest getting involved with something on campus if you can, whether it be a work-study, internship, organization, peer advisor, something, because it gives you a more rounded experience as a college student.”

However, instructors give the praise and accolades back to Raven. “She is an exemplary student, and her instructors recognize her firm grasp on the material she's learned. What makes Raven even more exceptional is her willingness and ability to share what she's learned with other students in the lab — making her a fantastic asset as a student and also as a peer,” said Melissa.

Raven plans to graduate next spring. “I see how much faculty works towards being the best for students. My experience at Blackhawk has been pretty amazing.”

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