Foundation Scholarships

Foundation Scholarship Application Process

Each year, more than 100 students receive financial assistance through scholarships administered by the Foundation. Each student has two things in common:

  • they are committed to achieving personal and professional success through education and training at Blackhawk Technical College, and
  • they completed and submitted a Scholarship Application.

Every student is encouraged to complete the Scholarship Application. Applications for fall semester are due on May 1st and awarded shortly thereafter. Applications for spring semester are due on October 1st and awarded shortly thereafter. Singular scholarship awards may be made during other times of the year at the discretion of the Foundation staff.

Some scholarships await applicants from particular fields of study or geographic areas. Others are intended to help people overcome personal or financial hardship. Whatever the circumstances, every student is encouraged to complete the Blackhawk Technical College Scholarship Application.

The BTC Foundation committee reviews all applications and scores them based on six criteria:

  1. Unmet Financial Need: Applicant income and occupational status. (A completed FAFSA application must be on file in the Financial Aid Office at Blackhawk Technical College.)
  2. Family circumstance: Applicant support of a spouse, dependents, family members under medical care, etc.
  3. Grades: Minimum of 2.5 G.P.A. in prior educational settings.
  4. Neatness and completeness: Application is legible, and all questions are answered with necessary detail.
  5. Future potential: Application essay outlines realistic, obtainable student goals and plans.
  6. Two letters of recommendation: From non-relatives, supporting candidate’s character and commitment to education.

The BTC Foundation administers a wide variety of scholarship programs. By completing the application, you are eligible for any/all that are relevant to you. The actual number of students selected each year is based on the amount of funds available at the time of selection. 

Applications, along with letters of recommendation, may be submitted electronically, sent via postal mail, or hand-delivered.

Note: While some scholarships are awarded throughout the year (especially for part‐time awards in programs that are not eligible for federal financial aid such as Nursing Assistant, GED/HSED, etc.), the majority of BTC Foundation scholarships are awarded in May or October. Applications are due on May 1st (summer or fall term) or October 1st (spring term). Those submitted after that date will be included with the others for consideration, but are generally less likely to be approved due to the limited number of scholarships available after the school year term has started.

Scholarship Forms

BTC Foundation Scholarships

Due dates: October 1st & May 1st

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Recommendation

Women with a Vision Scholarship

Due date:  May 31st

Women with a Vision Application

Women with a Vision Guidelines

All scholarship applications must be turned in by the end of the business day on the due date. 

Applications may be submitted electronically or may be sent via postal mail to:

Blackhawk Technical College Foundation, Inc.
6004 S County Road G
PO Box 5009

Janesville, WI 53547-5009

or hand-delivered to District Administration Office, located on Central Campus, at 6004 S County Road G, Janesville, WI.

Letters of recommendation can be sent directly to the BTC Foundation or submitted in a signed, sealed enveloped accompanying your scholarship application.

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