Foundation Scholarships

Foundation Scholarships

Each year, more than 100 students receive financial assistance through scholarships administered by the Foundation. Each student has two things in common:
  • they are committed to achieving personal and professional success through education and training at Blackhawk Technical College, and
  • they completed and submitted a Scholarship Application.

Every student is encouraged to complete the Scholarship Application. Applications for the fall semester are due on April 15 and awarded shortly thereafter. Applications for the spring semester are due on October 15 and awarded shortly thereafter. Singular scholarship awards may be made during other times of the year at the discretion of the Foundation staff.

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IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship

The IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship is an intentional effort to increase access to education and transform the lives of persons of color who are low income and may be first-generation college students entering the following programs: Industrial Maintenance Mechanic, Electromechanical Technology, Automation Systems Technology, Nuclear Technology, or Criminal Justice.

Recipients will receive the following:
  • Support from a faculty mentor,
  • On-the-job paid work internship opportunity related to their field of study,
  • Scholarship for tuition, fees, and required materials, and
  • A stipend to support living expenses.

To be considered for the IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship:

Potential scholarship applicants can be referred for the IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship through a community-based organization referral. Once a referral is made, the individual referred must complete a scholarship application and submit it to the Foundation Office.

Community-Based Organizations – Make a Referral

Individuals who are interested in the IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship may complete and submit an IDEAL Opportunity Scholarship Application to the Foundation Office. Once the application is submitted, the individual must have a community-based organization sponsor them through the referral process. 

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