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BTC Winter Weather Reminders

January 4, 2021

With winter weather upon us, it is a great time to revisit how Blackhawk Technical College notifies students, faculty, and staff of weather-related college closures. Here are the ways that weather-related and emergency notifications will be shared:

  • SAFE Alert message (Blackhawk’s emergency notification system). All Blackhawk students, faculty, and staff emails have been automatically registered in the SAFE Alert system. To customize communication preferences (i.e., add landline or cell phone, text), go to MyBTC and click the SAFE Alert button on the homepage.
  • Post on the College website (
  • Social media posts on the Blackhawk Technical College Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages
  • Email blast to local media to help us share the news

The decision to close any college locations during extreme winter weather is made as early as possible. The college will make every effort to communicate closings by 6 a.m. for day classes and 3 p.m. for evening classes.

The decision to close or remain open is very complex. There is not an official temperature or amount of snow/ice that closes the college. Many factors are considered when deciding to close college locations, such as temperature, wind chill, snowfall amounts, ice conditions, and snow removal capacity. The decision is not necessarily based on the status of other schools or colleges in the area. College officials confer with several agencies in the area when deciding, such as the National Weather Service, Department of Transportation, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The final decision to attend is up to the student. Many Blackhawk students have a variety of learning options, thanks to MyEdChoice, online course work, flex lab, and hybrid courses, which may make it possible to participate in a course remotely due to inclement weather. The college recognizes that many students commute to campus locations as well as internships, apprenticeships, and clinical sites all over our district. Therefore, students who feel it is unsafe to travel should work directly with their instructors if the college remains open. Students should check Blackboard and their BTC emails for updates and changes to class schedules and requirements.

Please note: The College is listed as Blackhawk Technical College, not Blackhawk Schools or Black Hawk Schools.

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