Programming a New Path

April 21, 2021

For Jace Jensen, the journey to BTC has been one of learning about himself and what kind of a career he wanted to pursue. High school started rough for Jace since he struggled with an undiagnosed learning disability. Getting help with the learning issues made the rest of high school a little easier, but he still failed to meet his potential.

Jace Jensen pictured in the IT lab wearing a block hooded sweatshirt

“I had a difficult time focusing or finding the motivation to excel educationally,” Jace said. “Toward the end of high school, it was a scramble to find what I wanted to do with my life, and I was pushed toward a four-year university to study business marketing.”

Jace began that degree at a nearby university. “Entering college, I had a fantastic start,” he explained, “and thought I had found my calling. I overcame my learning disability, but at the same time, I realized that business was not what I wanted to study.”

He began to struggle again but realized it was related to his career path and not academics as a whole. “I needed to do what was best for myself and find a new path. This long and difficult process directed me to Blackhawk, where I am happier than ever.”

Now in the Manufacturing IT program, Jace is excited about the challenges that come with the field. Since transferring, he’s finding joy in the work and feels like he’s learning new material every day that he can apply directly to his intended job choice.

“Blackhawk very clearly laid out my educational path as well as potential careers for my future which helped me, since it’s often hard to see what my future holds. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel pushes me to do well and complete the program.”

Marissa Greuel Hainstock, Academic Advisor at BTC, noted that “Jace has been a conscientious student from the start. I have been impressed by his willingness to ask questions and advocate for himself. During our Master Academic Plan (MAP) meeting, Jace talked about the challenges he faced with his previous college experience. He found the solutions to those challenges right in his backyard with BTC. Jace is highly motivated, did his research before applying to BTC, and is a champion for the educational setting we provide.”

After BTC, Jace has no plans to continue to a Bachelor’s Degree. Instead, he hopes to find a career that will showcase his skills. His advice to other students is straightforward, “Do what you want to do. Don’t let others such as teachers, parents, or other peers influence your decisions that will shape your future.”

Jace has found BTC to be the perfect college for those who want to try something new, get into the workforce early, or study something they love in a very hands-on learning environment.

Learn more about the Manufacturing Information Technology Specialist program here.

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