Payment Options & Due Dates

Choose Your Payment Style

At Blackhawk, we offer several payment methods – whether you choose to pay in full, set up a payment plan to break down your balance into smaller payments, or apply for financial aid and scholarships to reduce or eliminate your overall cost.

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Paying Out-of-Pocket

You may make payments out-of-pocket through Registration and Records at Central Campus. Registration and Records accepts credit/debit information over the phone or in person. Checks are accepted in person as well.

For more information, call (608) 757-7660 during business hours. 

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Payment Plans

Payment plans make it easier for you to afford your education through regularly scheduled payments. Each time a payment plan is started, there is a $20 non-refundable service charge applied. Due dates vary per payment plan and may be set up to automatically withdraw from your checking/savings account. If payments are set up to withdraw automatically, any returned payments (due to insufficient funds) will result in a $25 fee charged per missed payment (due directly to Blackhawk Technical College).

Payment Plan Options by Semester

To set up a payment plan, visit Registration and Records (at Central Campus) or call (608) 757-7660 during business hours.

2-Pay Plan Single Payment Plan
$200 Down $200 Down
Enrollment Ends: May 1 Enrollment Ends: June 1
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 50% by May 3
  • 50% by June 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • June 3

Registration after June 1 requires full payment at the point of registration or confirmation of accepted financial aid.

4-Pay Plan 3-Pay Plan 2-Pay Plan Single Payment Plan
No Money Down $200 Down $200 Down $200 Down
Enrollment Ends:
June 1
Enrollment Ends:
July 1
Enrollment Ends:
Aug. 1
Enrollment Ends:
Sept. 1
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 25% by July 3
  • 25% by Aug. 3
  • 25% by Sept. 3
  • 25% by Oct. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 33.33% by Aug. 3
  • 33.33% by Sept. 3
  • 33.34% by Oct. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 50% by Sept. 3
  • 50% by Oct. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • Oct. 3

Registration after Sept. 1 requires full payment at the point of registration or confirmation of accepted financial aid.

4-Pay Plan 3-Pay Plan 2-Pay Plan Single Payment Plan
No Money Down $200 Down $200 Down $200 Down
Enrollment Ends:
Dec. 1
Enrollment Ends:
Dec. 15
Enrollment Ends:
Jan. 1
Enrollment Ends:
Feb. 1
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 25% by Dec. 3
  • 25% by Jan. 3
  • 25% by Feb. 3
  • 25% by Mar. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 33.33% by Jan. 3
  • 33.33% by Feb. 3
  • 33.34% by Mar. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • 50% by Feb. 3
  • 50% by Mar. 3
Remaining Balance Due:
  • Mar. 3

Registration after Feb. 1 requires full payment at the point of registration or confirmation of accepted financial aid.

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Financial Aid

If you are a financial aid recipient, your financial aid will be applied first to your student account in order to pay for tuition and fees. Estimated financial aid in excess of tuition and fees will be made available for the purchase of books and supplies from the bookstore during the period spanning from the first five business days before the beginning of each semester through the tenth business day of the semester.

Once tuition, fees, and book charges are paid, the remaining financial aid, if any, will be refunded to you as either a check or direct deposit. However, if these primary educational expenses are not fully covered by financial aid, you will be responsible for paying the remainder, either as a one-time payment or by setting up a payment plan. If no action is taken, any remaining balance could be sent to collections within 90 days. Please see below for more information regarding payment plans. 

Students may view their estimated charges and financial aid by logging in to MyBTC and accessing the TouchNet card. Students may also set up direct deposit for refunds in TouchNet by clicking on "Electronic Funds."

Learn more about Financial Aid

Managing your Student Account

At Blackhawk Technical College, we use an online system called TouchNet that allows you to:
  • Make online payments
  • Set up automatic withdrawals from checking, savings, or credit card accounts
  • View refund amounts, release dates, and methods of receiving funds
  • Receive reminders about upcoming bills and payments via school or personal email accounts

To learn more about TouchNet, please contact Registration and Records at (608) 757-7660.

Agency or Third-Party Sponsored Students

If you enroll in a payment plan before receiving an agency's authorization, please be aware that the amount authorized by the agency may not cover the whole tuition balance. Students will be responsible for paying any monies owed to BTC either in-person or through TouchNet. If you have any questions concerning payment plans, please email

Additional Resources:
The Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to assist qualifying students with the cost of tuition, books, tools, and/or transportation assistance. To determine if you are eligible, please complete the WIOA Eligibility survey


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