Get to Know Cheyenne Spade, Business Management Student

March 6, 2024


Welcome to our “Get to Know Blackhawk” series, which uses a Q&A format to showcase the diverse and talented individuals within the college community.

What is your name? Where did you grow up and what high school did you attend?

My name is Cheyenne Spade. I grew up in Janesville and attended Parker High School.

Why did you choose to attend Blackhawk Technical College?

I chose Blackhawk for multiple reasons. The tuition was much more affordable than other universities and also because of the flexible education options and location close to home. I wasn’t 100 percent sure what program I wanted to commit to, so I am glad I had the option to complete general classes while I figured that out. The flexibility and resources Blackhawk offers allowed me to work, travel often, explore hobbies, and enjoy free time, all while working towards a degree.

What is your area of study? Is there something that drew you to the program?

I am currently pursuing a Business Management degree fast and furiously. I was drawn to this program with a strong desire to understand the business and entrepreneurship world better. My goal to work for myself and build my own empire is the main motivator, so reading that this program offers knowledge and skills in a variety of business-related topics was very appealing to me. The cherry on top was that most classes in this program could be in-person, online, or hybrid, perfect for a world wanderer like me!

How has Blackhawk helped you to pursue or complete your goals?

When I first started attending, I didn’t realize how many resources Blackhawk offered. The workshops and studying assistance in the Success Center helped me feel more engaged and prepared for classes. The CARE Center, which has a student pantry, career closet, and free library, also helped me in multiple ways professionally, educationally, and in my personal life. The party didn’t stop there, with the helpful and supportive staff able to assist with all my questions.

Have you had to overcome any obstacles or challenges on your educational journey?

It has been a challenge learning to balance everything, along with still making time for things you enjoy so you don’t end up burnt out. I am still finding a system that works for me, as well as working on time management and prioritizing what’s important.

Are you involved in any student organizations or extracurricular activities at Blackhawk?

I decided this year would be my overachiever involvement year, so I am currently the Student Government Event Liaison for 2023-2024, as well as the President of Multicultural Alliance. I am also a member of Business Professionals of America and Phi Theta Kappa.

Are there any academic achievements that you’ve been proud to accomplish in your time at Blackhawk?

I am proud to have passed Accounting 1 - that was a difficult course. I am also proud to have maintained a 3.9 GPA throughout my time here.

Have you been the recipient of any scholarships or grants through the Blackhawk Foundation?

In my first year at Blackhawk, I received two scholarships.

When do you plan to graduate and what are your plans for life after Blackhawk?

I am planning on graduating in the spring of 2025. My plans for life after Blackhawk are still being updated as I go, but my main goal is to start the journey into a business career, either with my own company or another. I also want to prioritize my overall health and happiness. The main vision is to build a life I enjoy while maintaining balance.

What advice do you have for other individuals who are considering Blackhawk?

Research, Review, Reflect. I recommend doing your research, reading the programs, benefits, resources, etc., then reviewing what you found, laying it out, and reflecting on what you want and what your future self will thank you for. Personally, I am so glad I chose Blackhawk, It’s been a great mixture of convenient, supportive, and flexible.

Tell us something about yourself you think people would be surprised to know.

I have recently taken on learning mixed martial arts ;)

If you had to pick one season to live in all year round, which season would you choose?

Summer, bring on the heat.

Who is your biggest influence?

Megan Thee Stallion

Do you play any musical instruments?

I don’t yet, but I do sing, so learning guitar is on my bucket list for the year!

What is your favorite TV show?

I don’t really watch TV anymore, but I saw this one that intrigued me called “The Wheel of Time.”

What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?

“Dora the Explorer.” She’s probably why I love to travel.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Chocolate. It’s my favorite flavor of anything.

What/who is your favorite sports team or pro athlete?

Serena Williams

If you could have any superpower, which one would you pick?

Either flying or teleportation. I wouldn’t have to worry about transportation or being late ever again.

If you could be any animal, which one would you choose and why?

Probably a lion. I like the idea of sleeping 20 hours a day and waking up just to eat and make a “roar” sound once in a while.

If you could pick any foreign country to travel to, which one would you pick?

Every. Single. One. But first, I would love to go to the Philippines to visit my family.

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

World domination. Just kidding, the top thing on my bucket list is to live self-sufficiently and sustainably in a community with like-minded people.

If aliens landed on Earth, who would you recommend they talk to?

Geico, to get some spaceship insurance.

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