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Brodhead HS to partner with BTC on academies

February 12, 2018

In February, Brodhead High School Principal, Jim Matthys announced the school has established a partnership with Blackhawk to introduce academies focusing on health care, engineering, and eventually agricultural classes.

"By our student's junior year, they'll be able to start taking Blackhawk classes," said Matthys. "When they graduate from high school, they'll have the potential to finish a degree or diploma at BTC in just one year."

Matthys noted that BTC is moving toward a flipped-classroom model, meaning that lectures are videotaped and uploaded to the Internet. Participating Brodhead students will be able to watch lectures prior to class time allowing them more flexibility to jump into a program at any time.

During the announcement, Matthys also explained that the Youth Options program (in partnership with BTC) is growing. "We have a waiting list for next year," he said. "We have 10 students this year and 26 signed up for next year." Matthys added that right now students can earn dual credit and pay tuition at a heavily discounted rate.  In addition, if they earn an A or B in the course, the high school offers a 50% reimbursement rate. 

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