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Are you planning to use financial aid to help pay for your next semester at Blackhawk? If so, there are some essential steps that need to be completed in advance.

Blackhawk's Financial Aid Manager Craig Schultz walks you through the steps you need to take prior to the start of the semester if you're planning on using financial aid.

8 Weeks Before Semester Starts:

  • Complete the FAFSA if using financial aid. Make sure it is the correct year's FAFSA form. Visit
  • Veterans: Reach out to the School Certifying Official to begin the process of using your veterans' benefits. Visit Veterans Benefits page

2 Weeks Before:

  • Finalize your plans to pay your bill for the semester.
    • Accept enough financial aid to cover your bill.
    • Set up a payment plan with a down payment.
    • Provide your third-party voucher or agreement to the Registration & Records Office.
  • Set up a direct deposit account in TouchNet if you expect a financial aid refund.
  • Verify your address is correct in our Financial Aid Dashboard.

1 Week Before:

  • Purchase your books from the Bookstore using financial aid.
  • Verify your schedule is accurate and make changes if necessary.
  • Confirm the dates, times and locations of each of your classes.

Saturday Before Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Attend the Smart Start event for help with anything you haven’t already taken care of, including:
    • Locating your classrooms and campus resources.
    • Assistance navigating MyBTC and Blackboard.
    • Purchase any books or supplies you don’t already have.
    • Get a student ID card.

First Day of the Semester:

Attend your classes and have a smooth start to the semester!


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